Prefabricated elements by software and 3D machinery, resistant in humid environments or exposed to the steam.

MALLOR, provides the perfect base to apply the selected final coating.

The most demanding professionals can guarantee to their clients a final result of the best quality, thanks to our technical team and the precision of our 3D technology, ready to collaborate from small projects to the most complex.

Send us your design plan and we will manufacture modular elements with or without installations for you, to make a quick installation on building site, clean, light and without waiting times, as it is a dry construction suitable for wet and outdoor areas.

Do not settle for less, with our prefabricated you can choose from a small shower to a whole project, with theming included, without fear of the workmanship.

Our modular systems are easy to install. We offer training and upgrade courses for installers.


MALLOR provides the perfect base for you, to apply the final coating easily.

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