New concept of prefabricated future construction, modular, ecological and 100% recyclable

Energy Saving

We manufacture insulating elements suitable for coating directly, without spaces occupied by air chambers, reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of buildings and instalations.

Advantages of the products

Mallor S.L. offers the possibility of realizing exclusive designs, difficults to obtain in the traditional construction, thanks to the resistance, lightness and thermal properties of its composite.

Our Catalogs

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Prefabricated Showers


Dynamic and experienced company founded in 2006

The construction is directed towards new prefabricated and modular building systems.

MALLOR  adds something more, we manufacture modular elements with insulating core that contribute energy efficiency, fundamental for the conservation of our environment, creating the desired shapes with the most modern 3D technology. Obtaining a precision that is difficult to reach by the workforce.

Our Chemical and Technical Departments, highly experienced and qualified, combine daily efforts to reinforce this insulating core with mortars and fibers, giving rise to composites that guarantee the necessary resistance for the intended use. Obtaining a thermal insulation product that can be coated directly, without air chambers.

Our satisfaction is that we have developed a composite ESTIREPUR® with the following advantages:

  • Lightweight: 80 kg/m³, does not increase loads to the structure.
  •  Thermal insulation: λ = 0.033 W/mK, which amortizes in a short period of time the cost of our products.
  •  Unalterable behavior to constant contact with water or steam.
  •  Disengagement of structural movements.
  •  Easy installation and without timeouts. (Dry construction).
  •  Reduces work on building site (thanks to initial work in our plant).
  •  All jobs are verified by our factory Quality Control, eliminating design errors and modifications on building site.
  •  Save on travel costs (by reducing the installation time), logistics and transportation.
  •  Eliminates manual failure on building site, and minimizes unplanned expenses, which lead to reduced benefits.

You can benefit from the experience of Mallor, if you are interested in the distribution of our products, contact us to join forces and develop new markets.