Prefabricated showers

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Prefabricated Shower Base for continuous pavement MALLOR shower trays, provide a definitive solution in showers of continuous pavement, eliminating architectural barriers. The joint with the floor and the walls at the same level, allow a correct waterproofing in its upper part overlapping the joints with the MALLOR waterproof membrane. This ensures waterproofing and long-term expansion [...]

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Standard Boards

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MALLOR Boards: Thermal insulation for direct coating, provides thermal insulation without structural load. Eliminates condensation and decouples structural movements. Thanks to its high tensile strength, it can withstand loads up to 80 kg./m2. It does not deteriorate or rot, nor serves as food for bacteria or living organisms, allowing its use effectively in [...]

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Construction Solutions

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Construction Solutions We make its design a reality, in modules so that on building site you realize a quick installation, clean and without waiting times. Fix the module in position and apply the chosen coating. They will not appreciate the difference between a traditional work and the prefabricated MALLOR, incorporating thermal insulation and resistance to [...]

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